Sports Medicine Research Paper

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Matthew Virga
Professor Hansen
Freshman Seminar
Sports Medicine
Deciding what u want to be for the rest of your life is something easy you do at a young age. When you’re at the tender age of about five years old and your kindergarten teacher asks you what you want to be when you get older a lot of kids say they want to be a police officer, firefighter, doctor, or dentist. However, when you get to your ladder years of high school and first few years in college determining what you want to do when u get older is something hard to decide on. When u put it into perspective you’re going to school for four years, or in some cases more depending on your career choice, and all the training and hard work you put in those years hopefully grant you the outcome you succeed. If you make a mistake and happen to choose the wrong career and you don’t like anything about it you’ve basically wasted a good chunk of your life. This is the reason you have to carefully choose your major and conduct thorough research into what you plan on doing the rest of your life. I myself am stuck in the crossroads into what major I want to declare and pursue and work in the rest of my life. This is not a decision that can just be made within an hour and it needs an investigation not just an answer to be given. In conducting the research for this paper and my love of sports I came across a major that intrigued me, this major would be that of sports medicine. Also another deciding factor in me thinking about declaring this major is my personal experience with sports medicine. When I was in junior high school I was on the football team. During my stay on this football team I tore cartilage in my shoulder and suffered bone bruising in the same shoulder. After I was able to take my arm out of the sling I had to enroll myself into physical therapy to strengthen my shoulder back up to its normal state after not using it for a 6 week period. My experience with this really opened my...
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