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Sports Medicine Journal

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Sports Medicine Journal

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  • November 2012
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October Journal
I feel like there are a million things that happened this month, but I can’t remember them all! This month, I taped a couple of football ankles. It was cool to see the difference between taping itty-bitty cheerleading ankles and taping big football ankles. I also witnessed the athletic trainer treat one of my cheerleaders with staph. He put gloves on and carefully popped it. When he was positive that there was nothing but blood left to come out, he cleaned it well with Hibiclens and put a bandaid on it. He did this three days in a row. I also learned how to tape turf toe and arch. I do very well on these two tape jobs. Arch, however, is my favorite of the two. In addition, I witnessed the athletic trainer perform a follow up concussion test to clear one of his football players. It was already confirmed that he got the concussion on Friday, but on this day, Monday, the Athletic trainer needed to make sure it was safe for the football player to return to play. I also witnessed one of the football players throwing up his gourmet meal that the starters get on game days on the sidelines. Chicken and potatoes never looked so unappetizing. Lastly, of all the things I witnessed, was a fall in cheerleading. One of my cheerleaders was in a stunt and came down and the foot that was on the ground rolled out in an ankle eversion. She stayed on the ground while the cheerleading sponsor, the other cheerleading student athletic trainer, and the cheerleading captain surrounded her to ensure her safety. I ran to get the athletic trainer and his athletic training student. They did range of motion test including platarflexion and dorsiflexion, inversion and eversion. After she stood up, she walked around a little and the athletic training student instructed her to stand on her tippy toes to make absolute sure there were no fractures. The athletic training student then took the injured cheerleader to the athletic training room and taped her ankle. And just for...

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