Sports Medcine

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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine has helped athletes recover from horrible accidents into miracles. In this research paper, I will be talking about Sports Medicine, then and now.

The history of sports medicine goes back thousands of years ago. An Egyptian surgical manual written during the era of the Old Kingdom - more than 4000 years ago - explained treatments for sprains and dislocations. Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the Ancient Greek honored as the father of medicine, described surgery to repair a dislocated shoulder noting that, " Many persons owing to this accident have been obliged to abandon gymnastic exercises."

Participation in athletics is both an enjoyable pastime and a part of keeping physically and mentally fit. Some people may only be interested in general conditioning and weight loss, while others may want specific exercises for certain events. Regardless the activity, taking risks are always necessary, and today's physician must be able to not only be able treat the various injuries that happen, but also offer guidance and help on a wide range of other related issues. “The 15th century saw what we would call physical education when Vittorino de Feltre and Maffeus Veginus introduced exercise into the educational curriculum. One of the landmarks was the publication of six books on ‘The Art of Gymnastics’ by Gerolomo Mercuriale, who classified exercises as being either preventive or therapeutic. Laurent Joubert Montpelier introduced therapeutic exercise into the medical school curriculum, and Ambriose Pare, the great barber surgeon great barber surgeon, was the first to point out that exercise of the limbs after the primary treatment of fractures is nessacary to recovery. Sports medicine in America had its start with Edward Hitchcock, MD, who was appointed Amherst College’s first instructor of physical education and hygiene in 1854. He was born in Amherst and studied at Amherst and later at Tremont and Harvard Medical Schools....
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