Sports Marketing Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Olympic Games, LaShawn Merritt Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: April 4, 2012
PED 240- Sport marketing
Case Study and Final- Spring 2012
This is a individual assignment! All work is to be done on your own. Collaborations with other members of the class will be considered a violation of the HU Code of Conduct. Violations will result in a F for the course and referral to the judicial system. * This assignment must be double-spaced.

* The written text should be a minimum of 5 pages.
* You may also use graphics to supplement your written presentation. Due by Thursday 4/19 at 11:00 am. Turn in through blackboard assignments only. Late work will not be accepted. Branding USATF ATHLETES

Introduction and Problem
* Arionne Allen from Max Siegel, Inc. has hired you as a consultant for their new marketing contract with USA Track & Field. Siegel has stated that a significant part of his focus will be “building the brands of track and field athletes.” The ultimate goal for the USATF is to increase revenue through sponsorship and broadcast rights. The USATF would like to reposition as a perennial focus rather than just every four years for the Olympics. Arionne needs you to select two current USATF athletes with potential for the London Olympics and develop a plan to “build their brands” over the next 8 months until the Olympics.

Answer all questions below and label by #. Do not write as a straight narrative. Include graphics and tables to enhance data and document. Top finals will be submitted to Max Siegel, Inc. *

LaShawn Merritt & LoLo Jones 
 1.  (25 pts) Analyze the Market & the Product- Refer back to the discussion of a SWOT analysis in course documents A. Do a thorough SWOT analysis related to your two athletes as a sport product. B. List at least four ideas for each of the four components and fully explain each. 2. (20 pts) Local Markets

A. Could your two athletes be successful in developing a fan base in your community / hometown- Do you think this is a wise...
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