Sports Management System

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The document aims at defining the overall software requirements for “SPORTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”. Efforts are been made to define the requirement exhaustively and accurately. The final product will be having only features/functionalities mentioned in this document and assumption for any additional functionality/feature should not make by any of the parties involved in developing/testing/implementing the products. In case it is required to have some additional features, a formal change request will need to be raised and subsequently a new release of this document and/or product will be produced. 1.1 PURPOSE

This specification document describes the capabilities that will be provided by the software application “SPORTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”. It also states the various required constraints by which the system will abide. The intended audience for this document is the development team, testing team and the users of the produced. 1.2 SCOPE

The software “SPORTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” will be an application that will be used for managing sports database. The application will manage the information about the players, the matches and the events that are to be held, coaches and the board that will plan everything. 1.3 DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS AND ABBREVATIONS

The following abbreviations have been used throughout: DBA – Database Administrator 1.4 REFERENCES (a) IEEE recommended practice for software requirements specifications-IEEE standard 1830-1993.


The rest of this SRS document describes the various system requirements, interfaces and functionalities in details.



The application will be a window based, self-contained and independent software product. 2.1.1 None 2.1.2 USER INTERFACES SYSTEM INTERFACES

The application will have a user friendly and menu based interface. Following screens can be found: (a) A login screen for entering the user name, ID number and password for the operator will be provided. Access to different screens will be based upon the role of the user. (b) There will be a screen for capturing and displaying player details viz. name, age, matches played,runs scored.. (c) There will be a screen for capturing and displaying info, regarding the schedule of the matches/events that have been planned by the board. 2.1.3 HARDWARE INTERFACES

(a) Screen resolution of at least 800 X 600 is required for complete and proper viewing of screens. Higher resolution will not be any problem. (b) Support for printer: proper drivers must be installed and printer connected will be requested for printing of monthly reports. (c) Standalone or network based not a concern as it will be possible to run the application of any of them.

SOFTWARE INTERFACES (i) Any windows based operating system.

(ii) (iii) (iv)

MS EXCESS 2000 as the DBMS for database future release of the application will aim at upgrading to ORACLE-8i to DBMS.L Crystal reports-8 for generating and viewing reports. Visual basic for coding developing the software. The final application packages as an independent setup program that will be delivered to the client.

2.1.4 None 2.1.5



At least 64 MB of RAM and 2 GB on hard disk will be required for running the application. 2.1.6 OPERATIONS

This product release will not cover any automated housekeeping aspects of the data base. The DBA at the client site will be responsible for manually deleting old or nonrequired data. Data base backup and recovery will also be handled by the DBA. 2.1.7 SITE ADAPTATION REQUIREMENTS

The terminals at client site will have to support the hardware and software interfaces specified ` in the above section. 2.2 PRODUCT PERSPECTIVE

The system will allow access to only authorized personnel. Depending on user’s role, he/she will be able to excess only specific modules of the system. A summary of the major...
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