Sports Management

Topics: Debut albums, Mind, Cognition Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Figuring out your major can be an overwhelming decision. There are so many crucial factors that tie into discovering the right major for you. I believe for me sports management is right for me because it intrests me, the jobs make it through recession for the most part, and coastal is supposed to have one of the best sports management programs around.

I think the first and most important thing you should think about when picking your major is if that field actually intrests you. If you pick something that you hate most likely your not gonna enjoy life as much , because if you hate what you do all day how can you possibly be happy? In my opinion i don’t think you can unless you are filthy rich and even then you still may not be happy. When you like your major it will also make studying not nearly as bad because you won’t mind reading about things your interested in. I know this is definently true for me because i have bad add. So when i read things that i dont really care about it pretty much just goes right through my brain and i dont comprehend it.

Another very legitament reason i’m going with sports management is because jobs in the sports management field flourish even through the recession. This is very important, especially during times like now when we really are living through that exact problem. The reason sports management still thrives during these times i because no matter what people are still gonna pay for entertainment. Through every depression we have ever had sporting events have always remained popular and i dont see any reason why that would change.
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