Sports Management

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The three sectors of sport-public, private and nonprofit- contribute to the value of health in many different ways. These sectors contribute to the health of individuals drastically. Some of the ways they contribute is through research, providing training and also by providing qualified staff and facilities. The specific organizations being looked at will be: Turpin High School, NFL, and USA Football. One of the most important values in sport is health. This value is one that sport should be the most concerned about, the well being of the individuals taking part in any given sport. All three sectors, working together, are what can allow these individuals to know that they will be safe with participating.

So what is health, why is it such an important aspect in sport? Health can and is defined in many different ways. One of the most known definitions of health is that of the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO, 1948). This definition of health has not changed, according to WHO, since 1948. It brings into account three main categories: physical, mental and social well-being. These three things, together, are what determine if a person is all around healthy or not. Health is one of the most, if not the most, important value in sport. The participants or athletes are what make up the majority of a sport, without them there is nothing. For them to be involved, they must be healthy, and stay healthy.

What exactly is Sport? Sport has been around for many generations and is “an activity involving physical exertion, skill and/or hand-eye coordination as the primary focus of the activity, with elements of competition where rules and patterns of behavior governing the activity exist formally through organizations” (ABS, 2008). Just by looking at the first part of the definition, one can see that health plays a vital role in sport. Being in good health allows an athlete to produce this “physical exertion” and allows them to perform it to the best of their ability. Health is vital to sport, and so are the organizations that make it.

Many organizations work together to make up sport, each falling into a certain category, or sector. These three sectors being: public, private and nonprofit. The public sector is also referred to as the government sector. It is known for the funding, developing and delivering sport. Next is the non-profit sector, in which any profit that is made goes back into the organization. This sector is important due to being responsible for coordinating volunteers, developing players, officials and coaches and also regulating and managing sport codes. Lastly is the private sector, which does the opposite of non-profit, it simply makes money. They are responsible for things such as: event and venue management, sponsorships, and media/broadcasting rights. Any revenue generated through this sector is for personal profit. All three sectors, together, is what makes up what we call sport.

The first sector being looked at is the Public sector. The organization that I have chosen to represent this sector is Turpin High School. Turpin High School represents the public sector due to being funded by the government. Turpin is a public school, meaning that it is ran and funded by the city of Cincinnati. Turpin High School is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Turpin consists of 1,117 students. It is important for all these students to have the chance, the opportunity, to play sports. Having this many students’ means that there has to be multiple clubs/sports to choose from. The students at Turpin are privileged to have over 20 sports/clubs take part in. These include: lacrosse, football, basketball, cheerleading, dance, softball, and many more. The school is already looking out for the student’s health by making available to them a vast number of ways to be active.

That is the first way Turpin influences...
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