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Sports writing and journalism is a piece if literature written about sports. The internet is especially a very immense part of sports writing and journalism in today’s world. Sports at times can be the most opinionated pieces of writing in literature and as time moves on sports writing and journalism technological advances and improved communications such as computer, cell phones, radio, magazines, and television have helped sports writing and journalisms broad popularity change and grow in the past one hundred-and-ten years which helped the publicity of sports itself.

Stated by Marlene Targ Brill in her book America in the 1900’s “by the early twentieth century, baseball was the United states’ most popular team sport. Boys and men swatted balls in empty city lots and farm fields” (page118). The 1900’s was all about baseball at the time. Back then there were two separate baseball leagues; the National League and the American League. Each had their separate championships until in 1903, when the champion from each league came to play each other in a best of nine game series. The Chicago daily tribune and the Pittsburgh press were in attendance and was the only source of coverage for the fans that couldn’t be in attendance. Brill also said her book “The united states had many professional football teams in the 1900’s” (page 120). Then went on to say, “But an even bigger sensation was the college football league. College teams played about eleven games in a fall season, and every major newspaper covered events” (page 121). Colleges would have, what they thought were the best teams go to “bowl games” at the end of the season. Major newspapers would cover those games and revenue would average around forty thousand dollars for each school. Another thing that brought a lot of spectators was boxing. In boxing, the best boxer around at the time was an African American jack Johnson. None of the white men in the U.S. would fight him. So he went overseas and fought the heavyweight world champion Tommy Burns. Jack Johnson beat Tommy Burns which made him the heavyweight world champion for the time being. Many white men were angered so the best white boxer in America Jim Jefferies decided to fight Johnson. “Filmmakers wanted to make movies about the fight. Congress tried to ban films of the Johnson-Jefferies showdown, deeming it too controversial to show an African-American athlete knocking down a white competitor. But a film about the fight did come out in 1910. The film, tilted Johnson-Jefferies fight, featured footage captured by nine cameramen who had filmed the fight as it took place” (page 125). Certain boxing matches could attain enough of attention and a crowd that they could deem worth making a movie picture for just simply taking pictures of the event. It was very tough and a hassle back then. But when films and books were made about an event rather than just a newspaper article then people knew it was a big deal.

The 1910’s were pretty much exactly the same as the 1900’s. There weren’t many technological advances. The only thing that really happened in this decade was the 1912 Olympics were held in Stockholm, Sweden. Not many Americans had not even known about the 1912 Olympics. But newspaper articles in many newspapers and other places had shown and informed people of the event and what went down in the Olympics and how well America had done. Still, the major source of the sports world was still just the newspapers. Newspapers were still the most reliable and well known things that citizens and fans depended on. It was a huge source for scores of college and APFA (American Professional Football Association) which is now just the new modern-day NFL. The 1920’s endured a pretty big of a change or technological advance for what some people may call it at the time. And that was the addition of the radio. Now people who weren’t in attendance didn’t have to wait until the next day to find out how their team did. They couldn’t...
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