Sports Injury Prevention and Management: Kellee Layne Benjamin

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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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My name is Kellee Layne Benjamin, and I will be twenty-three years old on February 4th, 2010. I was born and raised as a mid-western in Columbus, Ohio. I grew up with a large family of all sisters, half sisters, step sisters and one brother totaling eleven children. I was one of the younger, but considered to be the middle because of the age ranges between all of us. I grew up with seven siblings including myself, and the other four siblings were grown and had kids already. I lived in a small suburb of Columbus called Westerville. Westerville is a place where everyone knows everyone, even though they had four major high schools within this small town. Westerville is a very friendly place, where not a lot of crimes were committed. Westerville was “dry” my whole life growing up, but has recently changed so that they sell alcohol in certain markets around town.

Because I grew up with such a large family in such a small town, at the age of seventeen, I was ready for a big change! I had been dating my boyfriend for a year now, already graduated from High School, and wanted to move anywhere outside of Ohio. I made a set plan to move out of state but wasn’t sure where I wanted to go just yet. I started working full time as a manager for a dry cleaners for about a year. I saved up as much money as I could by living rent free with my parents. We both made the decision together to go to California, but where in California would we re-locate to? Many people brought up San Diego and told us how great of a place it is to visit, so we targeted San Diego and left town about five years ago and drove cross country.

When I got to San Diego after a long five day drive, I instantly fell in love with the city! I began going to Mesa College about 2 in a half years ago, when I decided I wanted to have an education that would back up any career I choose. I have changed my major probably a handful of times, and have finally decided that I am going to major in Nutrition and Fitness....
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