Sports Injury

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Bachelor of Sports Science (BSS)

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Sport Injury

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In life, we are constantly facing many unfortunate events. Some may cause us to make many temporary sacrifices others may result in a lifetime of disadvantages. This phenomenon is related to sports injury as well. One of athletes’ greatest nightmares is getting injured. It will halt them from being able to advance to their full potential whether in fitness or skill level during their training sessions. To worsen the situation, athletes get suspended from training sessions and competitions and have to go through weeks or months of rehabilitation in order for them to resume basic training session. These unfortunate events will not only cause pain biologically, yet the mental and emotional state of the individual will also be affected due to experiencing the decline or lost of their hard worked practices. Besides that, confidence is hard to gain back after recovery of the injury.

Sports injuries take place during exercise or sport activity and can result from several factors. Among the factors are accidents, poor training techniques, over training, improper equipments, lack of sequential conditioning and insufficient warm-up and stretching. There are countless types of sports injuries. However, I’m going to do a research on one of the most common and alarming sports injury which is the injury of the soft tissues. Anatomically, soft tissue refers to tissues that connect, support or surround other structures and organs of the body. Tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, fibrous tissues, fat, and synovial membranes which are connective tissue and muscles, nerves and blood vessels which are not connective tissue are categorize as soft tissues. The more common soft tissues sports injuries happen among tendon, ligament, skin, muscle and fascia.

Classifications of Sports Injuries
There are three classifications of sports injuries according to cause. First, the direct injury refers to an external blow or force. Example of a direct injury on soft tissue is when a rugby player does a hard tackle and cause bruises on his opponent. Next, an indirect injury occurs in two ways. First, the actual injury can occur some distance from the impact site. For example, falling on an outstretched hand can result in a dislocated shoulder. Second, the injury does not result from physical contact with an object or person, but from internal forces built up by the actions of the performer, such as may be caused by over-stretching, poor technique, fatigue and lack of fitness. Ligament sprains and muscle strains and tears are examples of these injuries. For instants, a 100meter sprinter tears his hamstring due to overstretching and lack of warm-up. Finally, the overuse injury is cause when an excessive and repetitive force is put on a join. Example of an overuse injury is when the knee cartilage of a marathon runner is worn-out throughout the years.

Types of Soft Tissue Sports Injury
After knowing these three classifications of sports injuries, let’s move on to some common types of sports injuries to better understand soft tissue injury. More examples will be given to further explain these specific injuries. I’ll begin my discussion with tears or often called strain. Strain is a disruption of the fibers of a muscle or tendon. The severity can range from a tiny microscopic tear, to a small number of fibers and in worse situation, a complete rupture of all muscle fibers. Strains occur when a muscle or tendon is over-stretched or when a muscle contracts too quickly. A...
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