Sports Injuries

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John Tom
Research Paper
Sports Injuries in Children
Children are easily hurt in sports even as teenagers. Their bodies are not ready for this contact sometimes. Some of these kids also don’t know the sport yet and that can cause an injury. Some kids are forced to play by their parents and they don’t even want to play.

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System estimated the injury rate per one hundred thousand kids to be four hundred fifty four for football, three hundred fifty nine for baseball, two hundred eighty for basketball, one hundred eight for soccer, one hundred two for wrestling, one hundred one for gymnastics and nine hundred seven for bicycling. This is interesting because I didn’t think cycling caused so many injuries. I mean they almost double football injuries and football has been considered one of the toughest sports out there. I never knew this. Also these statistics are from 1981.

Major injuries such as fractures, dislocation, and ligament damage that are seen in organized sports are also most common in free played sports. When I saw free play sports I mean street hockey, street basketball and just sports played with friends. I can relate to this because my freshman year in high school I was playing manhunt with my friends and I jumped a fence and I broke my ankle. Well I didn’t really break my ankle; I pulled a bunch of ligaments in it. But they said the damage was equal to that of a broken ankle.

So overall this article was about how the same injuries occur in non organized sports and organized sports. It also explained the injury rates per 100,000 kids.
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