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Sports in Society

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Answer 1:
Both these players wanted to be successful in basketball, which they chose to take as their career. They were not so good in their studies so the only way to become rich and support their family was to play basketball. So, they were more eager to buy into hoop dreams.

Answer 2:
The main reason that people were around William and Arthur to foster those dreams because all of these people knew that they had the talent and potential to achieve those dreams. Besides this, they were good in playing basketball and wanted them to support their family. So, all of their family members and the people in high school including their coaches, higher authorities were seen in this documentary helping William and Arthur to achieve their goal.

Answer 3:
Both these players were very poor so they were having difficulty to meet their daily requirements. They were also living in a poor and uncivilized community. People over here use uncivilized and were also involved in selling drugs like cocaine, infact the father of Arthur was also convicted of selling cocaine and burglary. So, these type of things were going on in their neighborhood.

Answer 4:
Yes, they had access to advocates and mentors in their lives. Their academic performances were not so good so they were always there to help William and Arthur in order to improve their academics and also their ACT score. If they were able to perform well in their academics as well as in ACT, they would be able to go in a good college and also increase their scholarships.

Answer 5:
In the lives of young blacks like William and Arthur, athletic role model were so powerful because they watch them from their childhood and also wanted to be like them. These young people also wanted to earn a lot of money and live their life luxuriously.

Answer 6:
These two players were very good in basketball and wanted to be a NBA player in future. So,...

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