Sports in My Life

Topics: Basketball, High school, College basketball Pages: 4 (1515 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Basketball and Life
Growing up, sports were an important part of family, and in turn a very important part in my life. From the small plastic basketball hoops, Nerf footballs, and little tike golf clubs. I was always surrounded by sports.

At home in my younger days I’d spend all day either shooting hoops on my small basket, or attempting to hit golf balls around the yard. My dad would spend hours of every evening perfecting my shot and playing countless games of horse. I can remember if I would make 10 in a row I would be rewarded a piece of candy, 20 in a row meant I didn’t have to set the table or help my mom clean up after dinner.

My dad taught basketball, my favorite sport, to me. He was my first and most influential coach. Almost every day and for sure at least once a week he would talk to me about basketball. Even if we didn’t go outside to shoot hoops he would talk to me about the game and quiz me on what I should do in certain scenarios during the game. These were my favorite times when I was little. I would always want to talk to my dad about basketball, and learned all I know now about basketball from him and those talks. I am never too old to hear from him and talk about basketball for hours. Every winter, from 4th grade to my senior year, I would step out on the basketball court ready to give it everything I had to get better. I can still remember our coach putting the team through running drills hour upon hour to improve the shape we were in; all the other kids except my best friend and me would always complain about how they were tired and how they hated running, but my friend and I just loved bettering ourselves through conditioning and could never get enough. Through the years of the “pee wee” basketball days, game days, to me really weren’t that special but all that was about to change as the years went on. My toughest years in basketball came in Jr. High, since I came from a small school there weren’t very many kids that played. There...
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