Sports in Malaysia

Topics: Malaysia, Gold medal, 2008 Summer Olympics Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: June 24, 2012
Sports in Malaysia is in the doldrums. Apart from a few outstanding athletes, of late we have not performed that well on the international scene as compared to twenty years ago. Suggest ways to improve our sports. Point A : Giving incentives to athletes

-Giving incentives such as money or reward could be a type of encourage to the athletes. -Giving incentives such as money also the way they get their salary so that they could afford their life without worrying about economy problem. -Giving incentives can motivate athletes to perform better. -For example, when 2008 Beijing Olympics Game, our Prime Minister gave an amount of one hundred thousand Ringgit Malaysia to those who won the gold medal and thirty thousand Ringgit Malaysia to those who won the silver medal . Point B : Engaging professional foreign coaches

-Get a professional coach who have a lot of experience so that they can share their useful experience to the athletes. -Give the most useful advice and guide the athletes in their skills and technique. -Help athletes to find out their mistakes so the athletes can get rid of the error in the competition. -For example, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei assigned to Coach Li Mao of China from 2005 to 2007. Lee Chong Wei has clearly improved his technique in short serving and also made a distinct progress in his skills and speed. Point C : Organizing more competitions

-Organizing more competitions to raise the spirit of competition among the athletes. -The athletes can gain valuable experience and strategy. This can improve their existing skills and they can learn from mistakes. -The competitions create a stage to show the athletes’ talent and also explore talents among them. -For example, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei won his gold medal in Asian Championship 2006 in Johor Bahru and our Malaysia team won bronze medal in 2010 Thomas Cup in Kuala Lumpur. Point D : Improving sports facilities

-Built some sports facilities such as stadium, badminton court, gymnasium and...
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