Sports Identification

Topics: National sport, Baseball, Wrestling Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Colton Schilling
Mrs. Handman
Writing 121, 4th
Different sports acquire an individual to bring different characteristics and personal attributes to the table. Baseball, Football, and Wrestling all have one thing in common and that is they fall under the athletics department; therefore, you have to be somewhat of an athlete to be good at any of these things. Each sport is individually tough, but there are different types of tough. Each one requires a certain type of athlete with the right heart and characteristics for that sport. To be a good Baseball player you have to be a “gamer” that means that you have to be a quick thinker and a smart guy. Baseball players are usually quick on their feet (theoretically speaking) and able to react in pressure situations. A baseball player is a sweat pant, long-sleeve, flat-billed hat, sloucher. A football player is the hardnosed, tough guy. He is the ignorant hallway strutter that thinks he is the king of the school with his letterman jacket, blue jeans, and spiked up hair. This Friday night brawler has a high pain tolerance and has to be a very naturally talented athlete to play the game. Football doesn’t take too much thought but a lot of guts. The wrestler, you would notice him by his protruding cheek bones, and blackened eyes, walking around in sweats and sweatshirts two sizes too big. You look at him and know that he doesn’t wrestle because he likes it and it is fun, he does it because he is a champion at heart. A determined individual who chooses to succeed on his own an independent sole. He is not the quitter type, very goal oriented and will put his body through anything in reach for the Gold. You probably have never looked at athletics in such a way before, but that is how my stereotypical eye would pick them apart. Sports aren’t different just because of the rules and how they are played; they are different through the people who play them. Each sport has a...
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