Sports Gender Paper

Topics: Gender, Female, Man Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Tiffany Galmore
KINE/SOCI- 2050 Sport Sociology
Gender and Sport
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“No, a female player can’t compete in today’s NBA. But why should it matter?” Kate Fagan states in her ESPN article titled No Woman, not Even Griner, Could play in the NBA. Over the last past weeks, there has been a huge controversy over Maverick owner Mark Cuban’s decision to give Baylor Women’s star player Brittany Griner a shot to play in the NBA. It seems only fair to give such a talented player this opportunity, but it will not be given to her because she will still have to try out for her position. Cuban expresses that “he will not carry her just to carry her”, but still people insist on arguing their views on if they see it appropriate for Griner to take this role.

There has always been a significant amount of critiques, theories, and opinions when it comes to women in sports, some which are still around today. According to Sports in Society, trivialization of women’s sports is factor that is increasingly becoming more relevant and talked about when gender comparisons are questioned. “Women play sports, but they are not as good as men and people want to see the best.” (Coakley, 245) This attitude is shown throughout Fagan’s article as she expresses the importance of Griner and women as a whole, inabilities to compete with males because of their lack of skill and strength. Fagan states, “…someone whose skills wouldn’t be hampered by the overwhelming size and strength of the NBA’s interior players. And even then, she would encounter other hurdles, such as the speed and quickness posses by NBA guards.” This form of trivializing women puts them at a disadvantage because since men has historically gained power in these sports, women are not given a chance to gain respect and...
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