Sports Event Audit

Topics: Movie theater, Box office, Ticket Pages: 5 (2190 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Corey Evans
Sports Event Audit
Due date 3-11-13

I-L-L-I-N-I Basketball

How often have you heard the chant I-L-L-I-N-I? Here on the campus I hear this chant a lot in support of school sprit. This chant is widely used throughout the university at most sporting events and I have personally heard the chant at highly populated social gatherings. This university renowned chant when implemented at the sports aspect is a great crowd pleaser and I am pretty sure it hypes up our home team to a certain extent. I’ve recently attended the Men’s basketball home game against Wisconsin on March 2nd, 2013 to witness this chant first hand but primarily I attended the game in regards to evaluating the event from a consultant’s perspective. Prior to the basketball game that day there was of course pre-event advertising and promotions used as tactics in order to attract fans. The day of the game it was Assembly Hall’s 50th year anniversary. Those in charge of promotion and publicity used the venue’s 50th year of establishment in order to draw more fans and attention to the game. There was a mass mail email sent out the students here at the university about the game and the anniversary. The email included information regarding the history of Assembly Hall as well a special ticket pricing for this anniversary event. The ticket special would appeal to more people due to the lower prices. Traffic control is a major factor when it comes to organizing any sports event. Traffic control is important because this regulates safety as well as the customers’ satisfaction in attending your event. While in route to the basketball, which was set to start at 4:15PM there was light traffic, essentially just as much traffic as there would be on any other Saturday evening in my opinion. After the game however, traffic was at an absolute deadlock. There were traffic officers directing cars to their best abilities in order to provide a safe route to leave. The traffic officers had on their uniforms and reflective vest due to the darkness. The parking lot was completely jammed pack to the point where there was a five-minute wait just turn out of the parking lot. I personally did not drive to the game and was given a ride where I was dropped off directly in front of the main doors and ticketing booth. I was able to drive down the “drop-off only/will call” area directed and labeled by signs. Assembly Halls does offer parking in the four quadrants surrounding the building as well as across from First Street in the parking lot E-14. The area of parking makes the distance to assembly hall not that bad of a distance at while walking. During this basketball game there were no parking attendants on duty before the game. The parking fees are seven dollars per car or motorcycle and fifth-teen dollars per bus. The parking system follows a “first come, first serve” basis. The ticketing operations I feel are one if not the most important factor when it comes to organizing a sports event. Ensuring that you have enough tickets, the promotion of the tickets, and providing the tickets are the key elements. The tickets pave as access to get into any sporting event. The ticketing personnel wore their uniforms and were any distinguishable. For the basketball games held at Assembly hall you can purchase tickets various ways. You can order tickets online and print out your own ticket stub, you can also call and confirm tickets via will call and you can also purchase tickets at the ticket booth located at the front doors of Assembly hall. I think that those in charge of the ticketing operations did a very good job with the aspects I previously listed. Not to mention there were people outside the doors and around the ticket booth selling unwanted tickets for their own prices. The ticketing attendants in the booth were in charge of distributing the tickets those who have not already purchased them. The ticket prices varied upon level of sitting A, B, C, to be exact the A...
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