Sports Education in Slovenia

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Piotr Śleczka
Winter semester

Physical education in Poland and Slovenia

The amount of time for physical education

In Slovenian school system they have three levels of classes. The first level is the grades between 1 and 3, the second between 4 and 6 and the third level is for the grades between 7 and 9. In the first two levels children will have physical education three hours per week. That makes 105 hours in a year. In the first level 20 hours of these 105 must be swimming. So this skill is learned in the first grades at school which is a good thing in my opinion. In the third level children will have physical education less than in the first two levels. In the 7th and 8th grades they have physical education 70 hours per year and in the 9th grade 64 hours. Altogether Slovenian pupils will have physical education 834 hours at school. In addition to that in every year children must have five sports days at school. In those days they are doing only sports at school. At least two of those sports days must be hiking.

In Polish school the system is a little bit different and more complicated. Polish school system have four stage of classes In the first grade children will have physical education in total four hours per week. This means that normally they have three hours per week in the first grade and also in the second grade so in one year they will have 105 hours of sports. The swimming lessons are also in the first two years but they have not given any particular number of the lessons which teachers should teach for children. Usually it depends on the curriculum of the school and how far the nearest swimming bath is. The next two stages between four and nine they will have sports in total 12 hours per week. This makes 4 hours per week in every year and in total about 140 hours in each year. In the last three grades between ten and twelve children will have physical education in total 9 hours per week. This makes also 105 hours in each year. When we count all the grades together we can see that Polish children have physical education about 1470 hours in 12 years. In Poland we don’t have requirements about how many sports days we should have in one year. The school has the decision for that. Normally those sports days are like playing different games in the schoolyard. But I think that Slovenian system for sport days is good because those days are funny and exciting for pupils but also for teachers. Normally they don’t organize so many sports days in Poland because it is not obligatory. In this way like you do in Slovenia we could have more sports days in Poland.

As you can see in the Figure 1 they have more physical education in Poland than in Slovenia. The biggest differences are in the last three grades when Slovenian children have sports education 204 hours per week and Finnish children 140 hours per week. It is two hour less in a week but in one year it makes a huge difference. In Poland there is a big conversation going on about the hours per week for physical education and for other subjects. Some people want to increase the hours per week for physical education and the others want to give those “extra lessons” for example for math and reading. I think amount of hours in Poland its good but we should more concentrate about quality of the lesson , way of teaching. Physical education is realy important for children’s health and they can learn many different skills in sports class. I think that the increase of physical education lessons could be also like having more sports days during a school year. Children want to play and move and physical education is the only possibility to offer them a chance for that. A big different is that in Poland We have a fourth stage of Education, because Minister of Education introduced Gymnasium in 2009.It was working in the past very well , but now everyone know that’s was wrong idea. Its maybe to late and expensive to change this again....
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