Sports Devlopment Project Proposal

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‘Try for yourself’ ‘Try for yourself’ is a new scheme offering children from the ages of 11-16 an opportunity to undertake sports that fall out of the bracket of the traditional sports, i.e football and rugby. This will be done by taking expensive sports equipment to local secondary schools in deprived areas in Leicester. Once at a secondary school provide the pupils with a chance to access the facilities a couple of nights a week for several weeks. As this project tackles secondary schools it falls under the policy of physical education and school sport policy. The reason this project is being devised is because children in deprived areas of Leicester are unlikely to have ever participated in sports such as American football, cycling or golf merely because of the price of the equipment. There is also the factor that schools in disadvantaged areas have ‘worse off facilities.’ There is a profoundly close relationship between poverty and attainment, such that ‘the more socially disadvantaged the community served by a school, the very much more likely it is that the school will appear to underachieve’ (Gibson and Asthana 1998). ‘Try for yourself’ ties in with the policy ‘Growing sport growing colleges’, one of their aims is to ‘Encourage new participants by providing opportunities for those who are not currently active or have been put off sport at school’ through giving opportunities to those who might not of been given the chance before. Leicestershire and Rutland strategy for physical activity 2009-2013 has ambitions for young people. One of their objectives is to ‘Increase the number of 5-19 year olds taking part in physical activity’. This project definitely helps to achieve this objective by encouraging children from deprived areas get involved into sport, hopefully leading them to a healthy lifestyle which tackles another objective of LRS of halting child obesity rates.

Aims for this project:    Give children the opportunity to undertake a variety of different sports, not just the traditional sports. Increase the overall participation levels of children in sport. Raise the awareness of the importance of undertaking physical activity, in turn helping to reduce obesity rates in children.

The last two aims tie in with Growing Sport Growing Colleges and Leicestershire and Rutland Strategy for sport aims and objectives. The target age group for the project is 11-16 year olds male or female, these 11-16 year olds are based in deprived areas in Leicestershire. Barriers to participation – One barrier stopping children participating is their own motivation. Several researchers investigated the differences in youth motives across sports, age, and gender and suggested that children and adolescents are subject to the environmental influences in their motivation to participate in certain physical activities (Brustad, 1988; White & Duda, 1994).Therefore one child not participating in sport or trying out a new sport might have a knock on effect as this could negatively influence their friends decision to participate. Physical activity levels in most affluent countries are low and many people do not meet the current recommendations, particularly for people with a low income (Ingrid, 2009). This shows that people who live in deprived areas do not get the same pleasures and opportunities as people who do not live in deprived areas. Projects Targets (KPIS) –     Visit over 10 secondary schools in the first 6 months. Give access to facilities a couple of nights a week. For each session ran having between 80-100 participants. Have participants enquiring into joining a club.

As ‘Try for yourself’ is based in deprived areas in the Leicestershire area the main organisation it will work with and have links with is ‘Leicestershire and Rutland Sport’. LRS run a coaching network which is beneficial towards this scheme. LRS provide high quality coaches for all schools in the Leicestershire area. School sport and physical activity...
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