Sports - Coaching Philosophy and Theory

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Coaching Philosophy

Coaching sports is a unique profession that allows one to shape and impact individuals for the rest of their lives. It is because of this, that as a coach, one must clearly define his/her objectives, both personal and team based. The coach must be a teacher, a mentor and most of all, a friend. There will be pressures to overcome, from both opposing teams and of the administrative/organizational levels to win, not to mention the personal pressure placed on oneself to try to succeed and do things the right way. It is a profession that can at times provide insurmountable joy. What makes a good coaching philosophy? Well there are many different styles. One must not try mimicking another coach, but should absolutely utilize certain aspects of other successful coaches. This way, you improve your own teaching style that is conducive to your personality.

I believe that the student-athletes should be a positive influence both in their school and in their neighboring community. They represent the school and are not only playing for themselves. First and foremost, I think that their performance in the classroom needs to be constantly monitored. Education is a pivotal part of them acquiring the best possible future and also to set them up for success. As a coach you need to be working with their academic teachers, administrators and counselors to ensure that the kids meet their potential. Coaches also must make aware the situations that arrive as they near graduation from eligibility issues to scholarship money acquisitions. They need to meet with parents to discuss the options regarding collegiate athletics.

It is an imperative part of the job as a coach to make sure that the athletes are unselfish and team-oriented. What you can do is hold team dinners and get-togethers to foster bonds between the team members. When you know your teammate better off the court, it makes you play harder for one another. It is also very...
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