“Sports Classes Should Be Sacrificed in High School so Students Can Concentrate on Academic Subjects.”

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“Sports classes should be sacrificed in high school so students can concentrate on academic subjects.”

High school is a place where students can experience and learn many things.Lisa Dunning (2004) stated that high school is a time for students to meet more new friends, do well in academic, join sports and clubs and also be prepared for the future. Sadly, many high schools choose to forgo high school sports because of the budget cuts. They believe that spending money on academic will be more worthy. She also cited that although academic is important, but opted out high school sports will cause every child’s experiences in school decrease, miss out golden opportunity in performing their athletic skills and become an all-rounded adult. The most important purpose foreducation is they should develop all the skills of students instead of purely let them involved in academic. Although students are easily distracted by sports, the school authorities should not ban extra curriculum activities because sports enable students to use their leisure time effectively with sports, ensure students’ health and reflects high reputation of school.

First of all, students can use their leisure time effectively with extracurricular activities which including sports. They can use their after school hours to join any sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis, golf and etc. So, students will have time to spend for their physical fitness. Furthermore, meaningful sports activities in school will prevent students from engaging in unhealthy activities such as drinking alcohol, drug use, smoking and others. Student who has participated in extracurricular activities will use their time effectively with study and healthy activities in school. Thus, they will have less chance to go astray which will affect their future. Other than that, students will learn how to form teamwork and leadership through sports. For athletes, they must be very cooperative in a team and willing to work with...
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