Sports Center on Society

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  • Published: November 19, 2013
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Thaddeus JohnsonDr. Kim
18 September, 2013JMC 101
1st Essay

There are many shows that influence society, and our thought process. In today’s day an age people fail to be able to make their own opinion, due to the fact that society relies too much on TV shows, newspapers, and all other kinds of medians. One show that really stands out to me that millions of people rely on is Sports center. Their slogan is “World Wide Leader in Sports” and they do just that.

Sports center is aired on the network called ESPN. Now ESPN has sport shows all day long and every sports fan tunes in to watch Sports Center and to watch their favorite team’s highlights. This is a great resource to every sports man. ESPN and sports Center has taken sports to a different level. No network has ever tried to show sports all day every day, but ESPN has been able to do it. They have been able to do it because they have made every aspect of sports entertaining. By this I mean they go way beyond the game by having the best reporters and analysis. They go inside the locker room of each team and find the best stories. Then producers at ESPN wrap all of this information and highlights and fit it into an hour long episode of Sports Center.

Now how does Sports Center affect society? By creating an image that sports is bigger than life. ESPN targets an audience of 18-35 and is said to be a cool way to get information and too a lot of people in that audience there is always a new story and something to talk about and in the US’s society sports produce billions of dollars because of TV ratings and memberships online. There are medians Sports Center Uses to reach their viewers, and with all of the new technology Sports Center has been able to keep up with the times. Always using new products such as twitter, I-Phone apps, and ESPN does this to continue to reach their targeted audience.

Sports Center has a unique style by being, both an informing and entertaining to the...
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