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Sports celebrities are the product of the mass media, but they are also the ultimate example of the ‘achieved’ celebrity. Discuss.

Sport has a central role in public society and life, especially in the advent of Olympic Games. The Olympic Games provide an excellent opportunity to the public and mass media in order to get more about the sports and sports celebrities. The huge success of Beijing Olympic Games gained an improved reputation on China’s sports celebrities. Sports today, matters in the cultural life of a country. Though, sports are always recorded by media-television and radio (Boyle & Haynes, 2009). The successful sports celebrities are usually connected with mass media by other ways: advertising, sponsorship and endorsement. Media would take charge of celebrities in shaping the ways of consumption and values. Michael Jordan and Nike can be a paradigm of this. Particularly, the influence of mass media especially journalism in produce of sports celebrities would be under discussion all the time.

In sports field, it seems that talents and relevant skills is quintessence. However, the produce of mass media gives a paradox of the idea. The effect of mass media in sports celebrities is likely more significant than before. The phenomenon of mass media, pseudo-event and sensationalism, push the development of sports stars to a higher level. It not only offer more reputation and fame to the celebrity, but also gain profits for themselves. Some people would think that their talents and skills of sports is the basic of a final celebrity, no matter under the influence of the mass media. Without talents, there could no celebrities, but without the influence of mass media, such as advertising and endorsement, sports celebrities still exist (Rojek, 2001).

The celebrities who own the reason of his/her prowess and achievement is called achieved celebrity. These achieved celebrities are different from most other forms. For instance, Prince William is a celebrity because of his biological and royal identity. They are born with respect and veneration. On the opposite, achieved celebrity should have certain kind of skill and make accomplishments. For example, David Beckham, Michael Jordan and Haifeng Xu are celebrities due to their sports achievements. However, in some cases, people who obtain medium achievements could be celebrity. What is the reason? It is because the spread of mass media, like journalism. It can also arouse the public attention (Rojek, 2001).

Achieved celebrities usually thought that they are not equal psychologically. They should burden huge pressure just due to their own efforts. Sometimes, they just pursue their dream and practice hard and finally achieve the goal, but after that, pressure, burden, and responsibility would also give to them following their dream. This is the outcome that some sports celebrities could not imagine. They also obtain the chances to display certain values and connect with advertising. For a long time, they began to become accustomed to that. It is not probably that return back to normal life as they do not want to give up the celebrity status. In the old days, it was very easy to maintain their fame and status. When they achieved their goals and became celebrity in front of public, they would take care of themselves as before in all walks of life. Without the effect of mass media, there are few people could be recognized by public and exert too much attention to them (Rojek, 2010).

Michael Jordan who enjoys the global fame all the time can be an example of media effect. Sometimes people might wonder why he is so deserving of his fame. But others do not question. The fame and status of Michael Jordan is connected different aspects: commodity, entertainment, sports celebrity and media product. They are all get together and come to a fabulous figure-Michael Jordan. He could be regarded as a...
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