Sports Build Character, Not Your Body

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Today, many people involved with sports, but they have different interests. Some just wants to look good, while others want to make a sports career. Sports career is a very important decision in the life of one person, because this is a step to a different life, which requires special skills. On one hand sports build character not your body. Firstly, with sports people get a works practices, because they are accustomed to hard working on the training. Sports it makes your mind stronger and bolder. Secondly, people who are engaged with sports have different character then those who do not. They are more competitive and motivated, because they always compete with themselves and with other athletes, who will be better, faster and who will make more progress and win. Finally, sports people are more relaxed and optimistic and that they are in the life of a great help and help them chosen the right way. On the other hand, we have a lot of men and women who are engaged in sport for good look, nice body and because this is in fashion. So sport not only build character, but also build body. Firstly, people who run every day or go to the gym/fitness are more slim as people who never run. Secondly if you train a same sport every day for a few hours you will have a well build and health body. Finally, with every day (each day?) workout we improve our capabilities and also with them strengthen the health and resilience of our body. In my opinion it is important that people involved with sports, because this is good for our body, appearance, health and with sports you can build a better character and improve our work habits.
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