Sports as a Big Business

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  • Published : May 24, 2012
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Sport As A Big Business
Every team uses advertisement to represent their sport in one way or another, whether it is in the city news paper, or on national television! Slogans, logos all help to promote sports teams in the National Hockey League. A logo is used to represent a product or association in a fashionable memorable way. The National Hockey League better known as the “NHL” is one of the most storied leagues in the world! Everybody worldwide knows the traditional black shield with NHL written diagonally as the NHL logo, it is found almost anywhere you go; in stores, arenas, on clothing items, accessories, etc. The National Hockey League has had only one vivid change to their logo in over one hundred years! The original logo was outlined in orange; this logo was used from 1917/18 until 2004/2005. The logo was redesigned after the organization went on lock out; the new logo was redesigned to have a silver outline in place of the original orange outline. The colour silver was chosen as a tribute to the Stanley Cup. The Toronto hockey franchise in the National Hockey League became known as the Toronto Maple Leaf’s after a group headed by Mr. Conn Smythe purchased the team on February 14, 1927. Smythe decided on a Maple Leaf as the team’s logo and name out of his patriotic pride. The Maple Leaf was a proud national symbol to Smythe due to his military career. It is also said that he admired the team name of the East Toronto Maple Leaves whom he scouted regularly. The jersey colours remained green and white for a year after he purchased the team out of respect for the previous organization. The jersey colours were then changed to blue and white, and have remained these colours ever since! The Leaf’s logo has not travelled to far since the original in 1927. It has remained a Maple Leaf, with a few minor adjustments made to the position or size. The Montreal Canadiens were founded by J. Ambrose O'Brien on December 4, 1909, as a charter member of the National...
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