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Topics: Eating disorders, Nutrition, Anabolic steroid Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Robertson Martinez
English 120
Professor Scanlon

Why do Drugs and Eating Disorders Affect the Body Image of an Athlete?
Athletes are constantly worrying about how they look; they always seem to ask themselves “am I strong enough? Or am I too weak?” but what they don’t know is if you worry about your body so much it could lead up to serious consequences. Most athletes take enhancement drugs so they could get stronger or appear stronger, also some athletes have bad eating disorders in which some stop eating just to get to a specific weight.

Why do Drugs and Eating Disorders affect the body image of an athlete?
Natalie Angier and the American College of Sports Medicine could both answer this question by both of them talking about all the consequences that drugs an eating disorders bring to an athlete.
In the article “Drugs, Sports, Body Image and G.I. Joe,” Angier discusses if toys are influencing the ways that children want like to look like when they grow up. In the article it shows how all the new action figure are coming out more muscular also Dr. Pope said that “dolls might be planting in boys’ mind a template for a he-man’s body that cannot be attained without engaging in obsessive behaviors to build muscle and strip off fat, and then augmenting those efforts through the consumptions of drugs like human growth hormone and anabolic steroids, which are versions of the male hormone, testosterone….” (486). Angier also included that when people take steroids it don’t always make you stronger, you may appear stronger but your muscle would be weak. It also says that athletes are not always in it for the “fitness” but they’re mostly in it for the competition and they’ll try to anything to achieve what they want. In Angier’s article she says that toys like G.I. Joe and Barbie influence children’s perceptions on how they are expected to look. Many people would agree with this because children’s always seem to...
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