Sports and Development.

Topics: Nation, Income, Revenue Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Sports and development.
Sports is an excellent instrument, it have a massive power to influence people to purchase items of all type, it helps to collect revenues and bring people together (social movement). Sport in development has an enormous potential to create change in individuals and society abstract negative character and replace them with positive ones. Ways how sports can generate income.

Sports can generate income by having competitions, for example the football world cup. This generate massive amount of money. Another way is by using player’s identity to put in products and sell them to a huge population due that the player is recognize it tends to have more recognition in the world market, help convince the consumer. Sports can also generate income to a community by the selling their players to other teams so they can play with them. For example how el chicharito went to play for another country. He is getting huge pay when he was contracted. Sports> health and fitness

Sports and physical activities are essential for improving the wellbeing of people. Appropriate form of sports and physical activates can play a significant role to prevent as well as help cure diseases. Regular participation in physical activates programs provide all people with a wide range of physical, mental and social benefits. Sport is very important to health, and healthy people are what we need to develop. As mention that sports help mentally, people who do sports can study better and think with more clarity. Sports can help promote national identity whenever the Olympics take place they have their anthem displaying from the country they are from. They are some countries that I dint know they excise but due that I saw them participating in sports I know they do. Sense of identity, a sense of identity will impact on our values, which in turn will affect our motivation levels. It will also impact on our sense of purpose or our will to go the extra mile for the greater...
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