Topics: Communication, Education, Personal life Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Lilly Montenegro
Prof Quirk
Eng 100 MW 7:15AM
9 April 2013
Planet Technology
“Any sufficient advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’, Arthur C. Clarke. In today’s society, technology plays an enormous role. We can’t make a big deal out of the latest invention for too long because as soon as we know it, something else is already being advertised. Although many people fail to admit it, technology has slowly take over the way we communicate, the way we are being educated, and our complete life style in general.

Not too long ago, writing letters was a common way to communicate with friends and relatives all around the world. Not only writing letters, but also physical, one on one communication was seen quite often. Now a day, people communicating through the use of technology is more commonly seen. For example, instead of writing letters, e-mails are sent out. Not only e-mailing, but social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and several others, have also made it simpler for people to communicate without having the need to hand-write letters. Technology has made it easier for people to communicate whether it’d be with your sibling in the next door room, or your relative in England. Although technology has improved communication skills, so to say, it has also taken away people’s ability to interact with one another in a more sociable way.

Technology has also flipped around the way children are being taught in school. Computers, internet, projectors, laptops, and ipads are a few of the recent technologies we now even see in a kindergarten and elementary school. While 92% of teachers say the internet has a “major impact” on their ability to access content, resources and materials for their teachings, 75% say the internet and other digital tools have added new demands to their lives by increasing the amount of content and the range of skills which the must be knowledgeable. Kindergarten teachers have lately been using iPads in class. They...
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