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Sportsmanship (conduct as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing, becoming to one participating in a sport) is that many seek out to find their own definition. Is it making sure you wish your opponent a good game? Maybe it is even applauding an opponent for their achievements. Is it truly as simple as treating you opponent as a person and not a terrorist. I believe sportsmanship should show respect for your opponent, you love for the game and rules of the game, and humility.

Sportsmanship involves respecting you opponent, win or lose. Coming up against a fellow sportsman you should know and feel their love for the sport. Sportsmanship is understanding and respecting that everybody on that court/field loves this sport just as much as you do and most of the time are not getting paid to play this sport. For the Pros I totally believe sportsmanship is not as necessary. You handle it with business in class and keep it moving. When it comes to Pros sportsmanship is simple letting the other team know that their time was not wasted win or lose they get paid any way.

Sportsmanship should show your respect for the game and its rules. Going around cheating is not how you show that you love a game or sport if you can’t love the game for the way it was made and the rules it comes with you should not play. If you feel the need to cheat in a game then you don’t respect yourself and lack the necessary confidence to show sportsmanship.

The whole thing with humility and sportsmanship is that no matter the skill levels of your opponents understand that they still train as hard or maybe even harder then you. The fact that you or your team is better than them at that time means nothing because next time the shoe could be on the other foot. I’m completely sure that that you wouldn’t want people gloating about how much better they are then you when you have worked your hardest to get were you’re at.

Sportsmanship should...
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