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Advertisements play a vital role today in promoting the sale of consumer goods. Traditionally advertisements are made through hand bills, exhibitions, magazines, radio, etc. Newspapers occupy a major role in advertisement field which carry the message to every nook and corner of the world.

With the glorious entry of television in the lives of modern homes, the concept of advertisements underwent lot of changes. Television is an inevitable entertainment media of today. Initially we had only one or two channels promoted by the Government. Today there are hundreds of channels in all languages to entertain us like television shows, movies, serials, animated films, sports and social events, etc. At the outset, in order to give a break in the programmes they started showing advertisements. In our day the system is completely changed. Only the advertising sponsors decide the telecasting of particular programme either it be a movie or a serial.

The show of advertisements started with the display of the products and explaining the features of them, etc. With growing competition in the advertisement field and in marketing of the products, money is spent like anything in bringing out an advertisement. Instead of using models for the advertisements, now male and female celebrities are used to appear in the advertisements. A study has been undertaken to analyze the impact of women celebrity in television advertisement and the interesting facts are enumerated in the following pages. 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The study pertains to unearth the impact of Women Celebrity on Advertisement with special reference to Erode City with 150 respondents. The survey helps us to know: 1. Which type of advertisement is highly dominative?

2. Which type of women celebrity in advertisement having more impact on respondents? 3. What are the factors that influence the respondents in advertisement regarding women celebrity? 4. What are the favor and hindrance derived by women celebrity in advertisement? 5. What are the suggestions of respondents about women celebrity in advertisement? This research will contribute to apprehend or perceive the level of impact regarding the dominance of women celebrity in advertisement. 1.3 SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The sample area taken for the study is Erode City. Care had been taken to conduct the survey identifying respondents who represent different categories of living and lifestyle. The study is to give an idea to the manufacturers to plan the advertisements to have an effective reach of their products to the consumers as well to know the viewers’ perception about an advertisement for further improvement of the advertisement about the product. The feature of women celebrity makes an advertisement a successive one and the prime factors of a successful advertisement. 1.4 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The main aim of this study is to analyze the impact of women celebrity in advertisements. To achieve the desired results, the planning of the study is the prime factor. The information is collected from different sources and the data is classified into the required fields. This has helped in completing the study. ➢ To analyze the presence of women celebrity in advertisements. ➢ To ascertain the impact level of the respondents in advertisement. ➢ To summarize the cognize about the favor and hindrance of women celebrity in advertisement in Erode City. ➢ To expose the factors consider for women celebrity used in advertisement. ➢ To render the suggestion of women celebrity to do in better way.

The major limitation of the study was restricted within the Erode City due to constraints of time and cost. So the results of the study were restricted to Erode City only. ❖ The data given by the respondents were limited to their own perception, opinions, emotions,...
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