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Exercises in Sportscasting

Linda K. Fuller, PhD

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Introduction Chapter 1. Introduction to Sports, Sportscasters, and Sportscasting Chapter 2. The Historical Development of Sports and Sportscasting Chapter 3. The Economics of Sports, Sportscasters, and Sportscasting Chapter 4. Audiences for Sports and Sportscasting Chapter 5. The Role of Media in Sports and Sportscasting Chapter 6. Sociocultural Perspectives on Sports and Sportscasting Chapter 7. Practicum on Sportscasting Chapter 8. The Future of Sportscasters/Sportscasting Suggestions for Teaching Sportscasting Syllabus Critical Dates Student Profile Invitation for Sportscaster Speaker 5 7 13 19 25 33 41 55 61 65 67 69 73 75

Conceived as a supplement to Sportscasters/Sportscasting: Principles and Practices, this collection of exercises adds to the pedagogical mix. Following the outline of a broad approach to understanding the topic—which includes the history, economics, audience, media, sociology, practicality, and future concerns of sports and sportscasting, it has this general outline: Chapter l. Introduction to the study of sportscasters and sportscasting Chapter 2. The historical development of sports and sportscasting Chapter 3. The economics of sports, sportscasters, and sportscasting (sports advertisers and advertising, sport tourism, sports marketing and management, the sports-media complex, sportscasters’ earnings, and sports sponsorship) Chapter 4. Audiences for sports and sportscasting (U.S. audiences, international audiences, and special events) Chapter 5. The role of the media in sports and sportscasting (print media, broadcasting, and beyond, sportscasters—the “Jockocracy” issue, sportscasters as celebrities, and sportscaster profiles) Chapter 6. Sociocultural perspectives on sports and sportscasting (pervasiveness and salience of sports, role modeling/heroes, and issues—racial and gender consideration) Chapter 7. Practicum on sportscasting Chapter 8. Future concerns and considerations about sports and sportscasting Designed for teachers and students, as well as anyone interested in the topic, the Exercises in Sportscasting includes a range of ap5



proaches. The idea here is that participants in this process will want to learn as much as they can about the subject. As you will see, each chapter offers several ways to enhance the learning process. Some chapters encourage discussions of topics with family and friends and/or in the classroom, and most are meant to get you both thinking and talking about sportscasting-related issues. There also are a number of bibliographic lists, encouraging further research on various topics, along with an approach to reporting on your reading that encourages critical thinking. Exercise 1.4 is a “Fill in the blanks,” with the answers on the next page, as is Exercise 2.3 “Sport history firsts,” and the essays in Exercise 2.4 have suggested inclusions for answers. If you are interested in doing survey scholarship, there are two examples here: Exercise 4.5 offers directions on how to get information on audiences for the Olympic Games, along with a sample and coding forms, and Exercise 5.8 gives you a good background for interviewing sportscasters. In the hope that you use soft drinks, as suggested, you should enjoy Exercise 5.6, “The Brent Musburger Drinking Game”— another way to monitor sportscasterspeak. There actually are a number of fun exercises here, as you will see. In terms...
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