Topics: Richard Nixon, President of the United States, Watergate scandal Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Describe the basic events and larger significance of the Watergate scandal.

The Watergate scandal involved the Republican Presidential Nominee Richard Nixon, who paid five burglars to break in to the DNC at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Nixon, a worried man, felt the need to break-in to the Democratic Convention. This scandal eventually forced Nixon out of office and proved that the President was not above the law. Richard Nixon was re-elected into office in 1972 by defeating McGovern in a landslide (Foner 1014). Nixon received about 60 percent of the popular vote because of his strong campaign in the democratic South (Foner 1014-1015). Nixon was a very paranoid man who always thought someone was out to get him (Sheeler Nov. 26th). He knew that every opposition he had, was a threat to national security (Foner 1015). Richard Nixon had to record every phone call he took for safety reasons. The same year Nixon was reelected, the Watergate scandal took place. Watergate was a hotel where the DNC (Democratic National Convention) was held. This scandal was the downfall of Mr. Richard Nixon’s presidency. To begin, the election of 1972 was between Republican Richard Nixon and Democrat George McGovern. Nixon was the president before, running for reelection against the Senator from South Dakota. Nixon won by a large margin because of his foreign policy success and deep inroads into the Democratic South (Foner 1014-1015). As I stated earlier, Nixon was a paranoid president, who thought everyone and anyone was out to ‘get him’. So, when the DNC was taking place in June 1972, Nixon believed it was necessary to ‘break-in’. A guard called the police because of suspicious activity (Foner 1015). To the day, no historian knows what exactly the five burglars were after, but many know it had no effect of the election of 1972 (Foner 1015). In 1973 a judge reviewed the case and investigated who ordered the break-in. Later, it was found that two journalists...
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