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Evan Bousquet
FYS 100
Midterm Assignment
October 23, 2012

“40 Million Dollar Slave”

The idea behind the “40 Million Dollar Slave” was all because of Curt Flood. Curt flood was an African American baseball player, who played in the American League. Curt was being paid a large sum of money but still was not happy; he realized that he had way to many obligations as professional athlete. All Flood wanted to do was play baseball; he did not want to deal with having to address the media. Another thought Curt Flood had was that he should be able to play on which ever team he wanted, not where the team wanted to trade him to. Eventually Flood became so worked up over these ideas of his he brought the MLB to court to fight for what he wanted. Flood ended up losing his battle against the MLB in court. All this controversy resulted in Flood being scolded as player by the entire MLB, and all of the media. (Rhoden 233, 234). Curt Flood still tried to fight his case even after all this hate towards him. After a few years in 1975 Flood found out that other players brought the MLB to court for the same reasons, resulting in them winning free agency. The two players that went to court and won were both white, which made Flood, start thinking again about racism being a factor in the courts decision against him (Rhoden 237).

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson was born in 1878 and grew up Texas. Johnson was the first professional African American boxer to win the heavy weight championship. Everyone was amazed about Johnson winning the championship, but the most interesting part was actually when exactly he won it. 1908 was when Johnson won the heavy weight championship against Tommy burns. Johnson continuously taunted Burns throughout the entire fight (Gems 62). Everyone always wanted Jack Johnson to become the perfect roll model African American Athlete, but Johnson was never interested. Jack Johnson always did what he wanted and did not listen to others opinions....

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