Sport Vocabulary

Topics: American football, Chess Pages: 5 (793 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Vocabulary tasks: Sport

Task 1: Choose the answer (A, B, C or D) that best fits each gap in the text.

Someone once said that there are three kinds of people who are (1)_____ in sport: people who (2)_____ part, people who watch, and people who watch (3)_____ television. It’s very easy to make fun of stay-at-home sports (4)_____, but on the other hand, television does enable us to enjoy all kinds of (5)_____ events. We can watch a racing car (6)_____ another, see a cyclist (7)_____ the finishing line, or enjoy the (8)_____ of our favourite football team. The first time I watched a tennis (9)_____ was on television, and I found it (10)_____ interesting. It’s not always easy to (11)_____ long distances to football (12)_____, and television is a good solution. Of course, you can (13)_____ used to sitting indoors all the time, and this is dangerous. We should all try to (14)_____ fit, and have other interests and (15)_____.

| |A. playing |B. really |C. interested |D. succeed | | |A. take |B. have |C. make |D. get | | |A. on |B. with |C. by |D. from | | |A. people |B. centres |C. programmes |D. fans | | |A. the |B. future |C. sports |D. athlete | | |A. cross |B. overtake |C. or |D. from | | |A. overtake |B. and |C. cross |D. professional | | |A. goals |B. marks |C. points |D. totals | | |A. match |B. it |C. which |D. that | | |A. valuable |B. imaginatively |C. unexpectedly |D. real | | |A. trip |B. tour |C. pass |D. travel | | |A. areas |B. grounds |C. teams |D. fans | | |A. or |B. which |C. get |D. is | | |A. keep |B. make |C. do |D. have | | |A. customs |B. habits |C. pastimes |D. leisure |

Task 2: Complete the sentences with the correct form of DO, GO or PLAY.

1. He used to __________ jogging every day when he was at university.

2. I love __________ a good game of chess from time to time.

3. She has been __________ gymnastics for over five years now.

4. This summer we are __________ windsurfing every day on our vacation.

5. He's quite the athlete. He __________ basketball, baseball and hockey, too.

6. Annie __________ horse-riding twice a week.

7. Why don't we __________ a set of tennis?

8. Some people think that aerobics four times a week is the best possible way of keeping fit.

9. His idea of the perfect summer holiday is...
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