Sport Trends in the Ymca

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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There are multiple ways that recent trends in the sport industry are affecting the YMCA. A majority of them would be revolving around the economy and how the YMCA is considered a luxury to the people. Others would be the increase of fitness in the world and sport curiosity and also the elderly still maintaining their healthy lifestyles. The increased popularity of celebrity athletes in the world are leading to an increased popularity in the sport world (Balmer, 2009). The battle against obesity is increasing the number of people who join a fitness club or health organization. Also, many people are beginning to try to find both healthier lifestyles and seeking a balance between work and leisure (Sports, 2007). Lastly, the way that kids are being taught is changing; practices are becoming known as best practices and the kids are learning more of the sport and becoming better (Stephens, 2009).

All members of the YMCA consider it as a luxury to their life. They would not die without it and do not need it to sustain their current life. When the economy is bad so is the amount of memberships that are still active. If a member encounters a financial situation the first thing that would go would be their YMCA membership. Employees at the YMCA know this, “At Countryside YMCA, we welcome everyone’s involvement by providing financial assistance to subsidize memberships or classes for eligible families or individuals” so they encourage and run a scholarship program (YMCA). This program encourages young people to stay active and fit while still in school. If your parent may not be able to afford you a full time membership as long as you maintain good grades and can prove that you are a full time student then you will be supplied with a membership at next to nothing if not for nothing at all.

Another current trend affecting the YMCA would be the new attitudes toward maintaining health and the attitudes of the elderly toward staying active. The YMCA recently...
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