Sport Tourism

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Sports Tourism Research Report

City of Kent, Ohio

Sports tourism presents an opportunity for the City of Kent, Kent State University and City of Kent schools to leverage existing sports and recreation facilities to create new economic and community value by hosting amateur sporting events at Kent venues. These events bring new dollars into the Kent economy, showcase Kent’s assets, and provide opportunities for Kent’s kids to compete against some of the best student athletes in the nation in their own home town.

This report provides an overview of how other cities have combined local resources to create a competitive sports tourism strategy.

July 17, 2006 Office of the City Manager


Table of Contents
I. II. III. Sports Commission Missions Sports Commission Membership Sports Commission Practicing Models Big City 1. Cleveland, Ohio 2. Columbus, Ohio Small Cities with Universities 1. Cortland New York 2. Gainesville, Florida 3. Huntsville, Alabama 4. Lehigh, Pennsylvania 5. Southbend, Indiana 6. Yakima, Washington Small City without a University 1. Kingsport, Tennessee Greater Cleveland Sports Commission Greater Columbus Sports Commission page 3 page 4 page 5

page 5 page 8

Cortland Regional Sports Council Gainesville Sports Organizing Committee Huntsville Sports Commission Lehigh Valley Sports Commissio Southbend Regional Sports Commission Yakima Valley Sports Council

page 13 page 25 page 27 page 30 page 34 page 36

Kingsport Convention and Visitors Bureau

page 38

IV. National Association of Sports Commissions page 48 V. Economic Impact of Sports Events 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. A Review of Economic Impact Study on Sport Events Greater Chattanooga Sports Committee's Estimated Economic Impact Surpasses $15 Million Kingsport Sports Tourism Dollars in 2005 Cortland Sports Tourism Dollars Economic Impact of Amateur Softball Events Cities Compete to Host Sporting Events Economic Impact Calculation Examples Comparative Economic Impact Analyses page 53 page 53 page 55 page 59 page 60 page 62 page 64 page 66 page 67


I. Missions Summary
To make Greater Cleveland the nation's foremost destination for sporting events and activities. The mission of the Greater Columbus Sports Commission is to provide leadership, guidance and marketing expertise in attracting regional, national and international sporting events and activities to benefit Greater Columbus economically and socially. The mission of CRSC is to promote Cortland County for sports related business, events, competition and education. CRSC's goal is to create a positive economic impact through sporting/recreational events within the Cortland community. Our mission is to be a leading voice of the sports and tourism industries in Alachua County; to foster economic development and add to our quality of life through sports utilizing public and private sector resources; to recruit and create sports, recreation and entertainment opportunities for the community that produce a positive economic impact; to build an understanding in the community of the importance of sports and tourism; and to do so with skill, while meeting all industry professional standards. •To identify, recruit, and promote sports events and meetings that create a positive economic impact for the city of Huntsville •To educate the public on the economic, public relations, health, fitness, and recreational value of sports events and activites •To strengthen relationships with other organizations that support our mission (Chamber of Commerce, VBC, CVB, hotels, and restaurants) •To advise local organizations of the sports industry potential for proposed or remodeled facilities •To provide quality of life events for the citizens of Huntsville •To establish Huntsville's reputation as a premier host for sports events The vision of the Lehigh Valley Sports Commission is to become an organization which promotes the Lehigh Valley as a sports destination. By recruiting and retaining...
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