Sport-the Ways of to Improve the Standard of Sport in Our Country.

Topics: Stoicism, Necessary and sufficient condition, Sport Pages: 6 (2286 words) Published: July 6, 2011
The Ways of to improve the standard of SPORT in our country.

Sports can be defined as physical activities in which people compete against each other to win. In some countries, sports arena seemed to be dull and extremely limited when most of the athletes or sportspersons failed to show the true colors of theirs in most of the championships. That’s why we need to follow a few reachable steps in order to revive Malaysian sports. In this manner, our sports can be enhanced gradually and be better than ever.

Mental toughness is a quality that is highly valued in sport. It is considered essential in those athletes who aspire to success in world-class sport. At present there is much debate on what it is and how to develop it. In this paper mental toughness is discussed in detail from a philosophical and practical perspective. The conclusion is that mental toughness is related to that degree of motivation a player possesses and is developed by good coaching, a well designed programme of preparation and appropriate competitive experiences.It is commonly assumed, owing to the nature of sport, that 'mental toughness' is a quality that all serious competitive players should possess. It appears to be a concept that most people are familiar with and use about people's behaviour in various contexts. It is a complex concept, particularly with respect to why some people appear to have it to varying degrees or not to have it. It will be of interest to coaches and players therefore to identify the specific characteristics of mental toughness and the different situations in which it is manifested. With this information it may become possible to provide some guidelines on how to develop mental toughness in players. The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept of "mental toughness", to consider whether or not mental toughness can be developed in players and, if so, how might this be done.

All players must acquire a knowledge of the sport, technical and tactical skill, fitness and develop appropriate attitudes in order to improve their performances and so become competent 'players' of their sport. Mental toughness falls within that aspect of performance known as 'attitude'.Attitude is used here to refer to players' behaviour with the purpose of making clear what is entailed in 'mental toughness' behaviour. It is assumed that mental toughness is not only an appropriate attitude to adopt in certain situations but is also highly desirable. Appropriate attitudes in sport derive from several sources. As one normally takes up a sport voluntarily as being worthwhile to play such attitudes arise as love of the sport, care about how one plays it, pride in how one plays and a commitment to the standards inherent in the sport. From the notion that sport is a social construct initially played for people's enjoyment and satisfaction derive such moral attitudes such as fairness and consideration of others interests. Mental toughness falls into that group of attitudes that derive from sport as competition - to engage in it is to engage in a contest. As stated above the point of a contest is to try to win. It is assumed therefore, that if the players seriously engage in a contest they will be committedto the task of trying to win.

Presupposed in such a commitment is the belief that the goal of winning is realistic and can be achieved. It is unlikely that any player of a sport will make a serious commitment to try to win if he did not believe that he could do so.Such a belief presupposes that the player is confident to sufficient extent that he can achieve the goal. The effort of trying to win is expressed in determination behaviour that the player should persevere with until the contest is ended. To apply oneself in this way requires concentration, the focus of attention, on the task of winning. These four attitudes: commitment, determination, perseverance and concentration are necessary in any activity in which...
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