Sport Science

Topics: Sport, Biology, Psychology Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The success and enjoyment I have gained from my lifelong interest and participation in sport has produced me with the basis for a degree course in sport science with confidence and excitement. I have always been interested in trying to better myself and possess the drive to push myself physically and academically. I am intrigued by the effects of diet, training regimes, mind-set and equipment on performance, and studying Sports Science will incorporate all of these. At this stage I am unsure whether physiology, psychology or biomechanics will be of most interest to me. Watching the Olympics and Paralympics reaffirmed my love for every thing to do with sport! I found them truly inspirational. I currently study Biology, Psychology and Business Studies. Biology has given me valuable insight into complex systems within the body, such as the circulatory and nervous systems. I find Biology a particularly interesting subject and am excited to study it further in a sporting context as physiology and biochemistry form strong components of the course. I am finding all topics in A Level Psychology very interesting. Areas such as research methods, memory and the power of self-belief have relevance in the world of Sports Science. Business Studies has developed my essay writing skills and enabled me to debate and argue issues as well motivational concepts studied here can be transferred to the world of sport. I believe these skills will help me considerably in my chosen degree course. Though Business Studies I have developed my understanding of the effects of sporting events on the local and global economies. I was honoured to have been voted House Captain by my peers, which entails organising house sports teams for competitions and drumming up enthusiasm from pupils years 8 to 14. In the past I have been fortunate to have been selected for the Ulster Development Squad for athletics, as well as hockey, so have benefited from high performance training. In 2010, I was selected...
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