Sport Kick Ball Biomechanical

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Soccer Ball Kicks
Video shown that the technique of soccer ball kick in details. First of the video have give example of kicking the ball by Giovanni Van Bronckhorst from Netherlands against Uruguay on World Cup 2010. From that video, we can see the part of body strength, technique, skill and power from preparation, during and after kick the ball. There are 7 stages to done with the technique which are stage 1 is preparation, following with stage 2 which is approach step, backswing, leg cocking, contact, immediate follow through andd full body through. It all must be considered by ball placement, body placement and momentum of oppenents. The next scene shown that goal and technique by Emmanuel from Ghana with crucial technique, Robin Van Persie with half volley he made and Cisse from Newcastle that made a brilliant curve goal. From motion of the kick stated a Newton’s first law which is law of inertia. Motion of the ball is effect of the force by a player creating a velocity of the ball. In the initial step show that the hip and knee stand to approach with the ball to contact and get the apropriate distance. For stage 1 which is preparation, the body will stand and assume the distance within body and the ball. After that, the player must know what the step to make a distinct move to approach the ball. Backswing is the technique to balance the body while kicking. For leg cocking, hip have centric contraction before eccentric contraction. Proximal distal of skill, hip need to extend to the phase up and flexion. On the initial step, it will be hip extension, knee flexion, planta flexion and hip external rotation. On the leg cocking it involve with internal rotation of gluteus. It must have varitation of changing in hip and knee before it get contact with the ball. During contact, it need power to support the contact with the greatest velocity. The power that involve is linear power and angular power. To increase the power, must stimulate with concept of...