Sport Day Reflection

Topics: 2008 singles, Interpersonal relationship, Competition Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: December 17, 2012
The sport day was held on 9thmarch and 11thmarch for two days, I had joined 3 sport activities and being the timekeeper on this event.

I was looked forward to these days very much, it was because which were the second last sport day I had in my secondary school life.

First, I had joined the 200-meters running competition. As I was senior form, there were too many tough competitors that I had to face, At the being, I felt very nervous as I hadn’t have enough preparation for train up the fitness very much. However, my green house cheering squad to cheer on me strongly, which made me calm down and comfortable, they gave me a power to face the competition bravely. Finally, I got silver in this competition, the result wasn’t bad and I felt very inspired.

Second, I had joined the long-jump and high-jump competition. Instead, I hadn’t get any awards in both activities, but I still very took part on it. One of my friend was jointed in the high-jump competition, each time the jumping length was increase, she always can jump over it, other friends and I felt excited and cheered for her. At last, she broke the record, we hurrahed as the commanding officer spoke out the inspired news. Although I hadn’t win it, I could feel the happy moment which given by others, that was made my heart warmer.

Last but not the least, we had the House Cheering Competition, Each of the cheering members did very hard work in the preferment. They followed the beat of the music step by step and made it very serious. I was very wish that our house can win this competition, but we didn’t at last. Although we were lose, we had learnt to concentrate when doing work, also the way we should do in team work, we could even link up more close relationship to each of the teammates. We had learnt many experience to wide our mind.

Sport Day is a good event for student, which can encourage our to do more exercise to improve our health. Also, we can learn many skills that how to...
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