Spoof Ad vs Nike

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Spoof Ad vs. Nike|
Samantha Kong|
DeVry University|
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This paper was prepared for ENGL135ON, Section CB, taught by Linda Record.|

Spoof Ad vs. Nike
In America, many people are not aware of the global problems that are happening around them. Whether it is inside or outside the United States, there are many issues that are still going on that need to be recognized. Advertisers and political leaders are bringing more awareness everyday through their words and texts. A good example of this is through spoof ads, which portray the real truth about a company or a major issue, like eating disorders and global problems.

This spoof ad that I have chosen seems to be a Nike advertisement at first glance, but when one looks closer there are details that bring me to believe something is different. The background and photograph of the advertisement is a plain black and white picture of a woman who looks like she is running. When taking a closer look, she seems more in a rush than in the middle of an exercise jog. She is also wearing no shoes and has rag-like clothing that suggests she cannot afford very much. When I saw that she is wearing nothing on her feet, it diverted me to think that this is not an advertisement for Nike, but against Nike. Then, after reading the text, I saw what message this advertisement is trying to get across.

This spoof ad unveils the hidden truth behind Nike's strategy of putting factories in third-world countries to exploit the people to make a greater profit. The text clearly states what Nike is doing through its literal meaning, font, font size, and font colors. Every different line of text is a different size or different color, mainly alternating between white and red. The statement, "But it's not easy...for a raise," suggests the message that Nike is doing something that just isn't right. In big bold red letters it says, "So think globally before you decide it's so cool to wear Nike." This sets the...
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