Sponsorship Letter

Topics: Participation, Newspaper, The A-Team Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Dear Sir/Madam,
I, Javeria khalid, am one of the delegate of a team of 6 members. I am writing to see if you and your highly acclaimed organization would be interested in sponsoring my team to participate in a competition that is to be held at the greatly accredited university, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Lahore, Pakistan, from the 9th to 12th of January 2013. The competition is known as LUMS CARMA (Convention for Aspiring Reporters and Media Anchors) 2013. LUMS CARMA is a contest that is designed to refine journalistic skills in participants. The event aims at exposing studentsto the art of media-reporting and coverage. The competition will comprise of five sub-events: 1) Print Pandemonium, in which the participants will be asked to produce a newspaper. 2) Shootout at LUMS, in which the participants will act as reporters and cover a crime-scene. 3) Public Service Message, in which the participants will have to produce a public service message. 4) Anchor IT, in which the participants will act as news-anchors and deliver news, as well as interview a famous celebrity. 5) Discover the Difference, in which the contestants will have to analyze news items. I and my team are students of A Levels at Generation’s School, Karachi, Pakistan. The school recently held GEN CARMA, an internal event that mimicked LUMS CARMA, and acted as the basis for the selection of the top 5 teams who would be eligible to participate in LUMS CARMA from the platform of the school. Fortunately, our team was among the top 5, and was also the team that bagged the 1st position in the sub-event, Print Pandemonium, out of a total of 38 teams. The total expense of participation per member is Rs. 18000/- which is divided further into: Registration: Rs.4000/-

Accommodation: Rs.2000/-
Inter-city fare:Rs.9000/-
Miscellanous expenses (e.g. food): Rs.3000/-
Total: Rs.18000/-
Hence the total cost for the team to participate is...
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