Spoken Words

Topics: 1995 Rugby World Cup, Woman, 2000s music groups Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: April 6, 2013

“You burden of a child-you will never amount to anything. Every assessment of yours has now become monotonous-9As and a B. Can’t you do better than that? Don’t worry I have seen your type come and go. They go to high school with the potential to become big people in society yet when they leave varsity they a baby or so and the whole Mosi-oa-Tunya flowing down their cheeks!”

Many a times I have been hurt, miffed, bruised, insulted and left emotionally dead. I have been criticised because of my body, my skills, my hobbies and above all about my complexion. They have called me dark, ugly, useless and even ebony. They have gone to the extent of calling me triez triez noir - for none french students translation being very very dark. One could have said I was I thrown to hell and back. Why-because of spoken words!

On one occasion I desired to coach the All Blacks but guess what met me halfway: NEGATIVE SPOKEN WORDS!!!! You are female. It is unrealistic talk about far-fetched oh let alone impossible. I was crushed, heart-broken, spat on and walked over. I felt my dream was unachievable but as they say-diamond cuts diamond so what spoken words had destroyed spoken words rebuilt. Words again were said to me but this time they were different. They were enlivening, invigorating, elating, spine-tingling, hope-lifting, life elevating, soul-stirring, affirmative and above all assenting. “Diana a woman of God can be a leader even the coach of the All Blacks!” and this was said by the one and only Mazvita Kutekwatekwa.

Spoken words have an immense impact on our lives be it negative or positive. The tongue is a very powerful weapon that you can use to either build or destroy another person’s life or build or destroy your own life. In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, Nelson Mandela once said, “they may not remember what you said to them but they will definitely remember how you made them feel-the pain, the hurt, the low self-esteem and even the insecurity....
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