Spoken Text Analysis

Topics: Domination, Dominance, Male Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: October 28, 2010
Spoken Text Analysis

Text a is an extract from a conversation between MS , a researcher and two twelve year old boys , G and M. From the beginning of the text it is clearly shown that out of the speakers, G is the more dominant one, with constant interruptions throughout. However, this converges to the boys and uses minimal responses showing is that he wants the two boys to continue talking, maybe try to try and get information or data out of them about what they do in their free time in their home town Edinburgh. This transcript is mixed type as it involves both interactional and transactional speech. The Boys start by telling the researcher about ‘’this haunted house’’ that they went to together. ‘Haunted’ is one of the first adjectives used in this transcript and from then on most are quite dark or negative; haunted , blood stained , bones. This shows us that the boys are into their violence and adventures. To expand, there are many semantic fields used in this text, one is violence. We can tell this by the verbs ‘scattered’ and ‘ smashed’ is said four times to emphasise the was the boys behaved. Throughout the extract it is clear to the reader that ‘G’ us the more dominant speaker. Firstly , he always refers to himself in first person ‘’ I found two pairs o’crutches’’ , this demonstrates that he thinks of himself in charge and better that ‘m’. this is backed up by ‘m’ rarely using first person and saying ‘my pal’ when referring to things ‘g’ did, yet again showing us that ‘M’ looks up to and is dominated by ‘G’ Another thing that shows that ‘G’ is more dominant is the constant interruptions he make, he doesn’t just interrupt ‘m’ though , he also interrupts ms the researcher. The researcher seems to be okay with this though as he uses minimal response such as ‘’mm’’ and ‘’uhuh’’ to try to get the boys to keep talking and carry on the story. As this text is a spoken story, you would expect to see labovs theory of oral narrative. As this is only an...
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