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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Consider the differences and similarities between spoken conversation and the language of social networking.

Spoken language and web-based communication have similarities and differences. Spoken conversation is when a person is talking to somebody directly (live event), either face to face or from a distance using a device of communication e.g. mobile phone. With spoken conversation, there may be overlaps as the person that you are talking to may interrupt you if they disagree on your conversation or would like to make their point heard. Also, when using spoken communication, the person may stutter, as it isn’t planned and because the person is thinking of what to say next whilst talking, they wouldn’t concentrate on what they are saying presently or how to start the next sentence. Fillers, which are utterances, are used to fill silence in between sentences (“um well”), and are only included in spoken conversation, not in web-based communications. An example of spoken conversation would be Skype because if you are on video calls, you can talk to someone face to face and see what they are doing, see the person’s reactions and get quick replies. Another example would simply be a phone conversation because you are talking to the person, at the time.

On the other hand, web-based communication is where a person might talk to somebody indirectly and therefore, wouldn’t get a quick reply. A person that you are talking to using this, has more time to think about how to reply to you but obviously, you wouldn’t be able to see their facial expressions, which would be impersonal and you couldn’t be 100% if it is them you are talking to. An example of this would be Twitter, a social networking site, where you can communicate with friends or people that share your interests. This can be done through ‘direct messaging’ or ‘tweets’. Direct messages are more confidential because you are certain that only the person you are talking to can see the messages. With tweets,...
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