Spoken Language

Topics: Dialect, Lingua franca, Mother Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: March 7, 2013
“Explore how you adapt aspects of your spoken language at home and at school.”
My way of language and accent is different from place to place. In the last 15 years I have been speaking in two languages to communicate and now have become fluent. My family, friends, media and my national identity have had the biggest influence on my idiolect. With my family members I speak in different languages to show respect, I speak in English with my mom and sister and speak Pashto (my mother tongue) with my other family members. I recorded myself speaking in two different contexts to help me understand the choices I made when speaking to different people. At home I code switch depending on the people who I speak to. A typical example would be when I come home from school I say “Asalamo alikum morey” (peace be upon you mom). And she replies by saying “Waalikum salam, (and peace be upon you too) how was school?” I reply back saying “School was good.” As you can see I talk bilingually to my mom, as I started with Pashto and then ended in English. There are several reasons for this; firstly my mom wants to learn English so she can socialise better with her friends. Secondly, I feel much closer to my religion and my parents when I speak Pashto generally it shows respect to my culture and that I’m proud of it. Lastly Pashto is my mother’s tongue language which I don’t want to forget because firstly I grew up with it and secondly if I were to go to Pakistan and speak Pashto with my relatives, I would be embarrassed and they would make fun of me if I were not to know my culture language . However the reason I speak in English is because I live in a country where English is intellectual language and I don’t want to be excluded from that. However my language is still crucial to my cultural identity and without it I won’t fit in and won’t be complete. I also personally like to be multicultural so I can fit in to variety of different cultures and heritages. My parents want me to...
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