Spoken English Fluently

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Five Secret Tips to Speak English Fluently and Confidently.
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Video/Audio English Class w Cert Completely Free -Start Course Now ! I am going to write about how you can improve English and speak in English confidently and fluently. Importance of English and Communication: You may be an accountant, software engineer, a bank officer executive, or a charted accountant. You may be excellent in work what you’re doing. You may excellent technical skills. You may be mastery in the work your doing. But nowadays, English and communication have equal importance to technical skills. In order to improve English I am going to share with you now • Grammar Practice: As we all know sentence structuring, framing correct sentence in grammar is very important. So, Practice all grammar units from a grammar book. • Reading Loudly:By reading loudly - you will develop confidence, unknowingly your reading correct grammar and improving grammar, your listening to correct English, You develop vocabulary. So reading loudly will develop confidence and English. • Listening: I would recommend you to watch English movies with subtitles and you should try to match subtitles and listening. When you listen very carefully, you will develop your English. We all know that we learnt our mother tongue by listening. • Mirror Practice: You must be aware that all stage actors, cricketers, sportsmen, dancers, people who go to gym learnt by practicing in front of mirror. This analysis and develops their confidence. When you speak in front of mirror, you develop your confidence, you will become comfortable with yourself, you can watch yourself, you can look at positives, and you can develop correct body language. When you practice in front of mirror automatically your confidence also improves. • Speaking: How do you learn cycling? How do you learn swimming? One learns cycling by cycling and one learns swimming by swimming. So, Speaking...
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