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Spoiled Children

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  • October 1, 2006
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Spoiled Children

"Leave me the hell alone! Get lost, I hate you!" Children of my parent's generation would have never gotten away with saying that to their parents. Children of this day are becoming too spoiled. This generation is getting away with saying phrases like this, and many more. There are three indicators that show how spoiled children are of this generation. First, adults are not getting the respect they deserve from their children; secondly, the spoiled children of today have no self-control, and finally, children are lacking self-control because they are too spoiled.

First, one can see how disrespectfully children speak and deal with adults. For example, this weekend I went to the shopping mall with my Mother. We were in the Louis Vuitton store looking at handbags. A Mother and her young teenage daughter were talking about purchasing a $539.00 handbag. The young girl was saying, "I will hate you if you don't buy me this handbag. I will drop out of school and move out!" Many of us see this happening around us. Children are saying rude, embarrassing statements to their loving parents in order for them to get what they want.

Second, children today are so spoiled that they have no self-control. Like the Mother and her young teenage daughter at the Louis Vuitton store, her daughter did not care how embarrassed and uncomfortable she was making her Mother feel. All she wanted was the handbag. She blurted out such disrespectful words to her Mother, so of course she had to buy her the purse to shut her daughter up. Children of this generation will say anything just to get what they want.

Finally, Children lack self-control because parents spoil them. Children are also lacking a sense of discipline and structure from being spoiled. Because the girl was so young and her Mother was already spoiling her with expensive things just so she is not so disrespectful to her, she will grow up lacking structure and a sense of discipline. As she gets older,...
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