Spoiled, but Not a Brat

Topics: Developmental psychology, Childhood, Spoiled child Pages: 4 (1629 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Diquan Lamar Hubbard
Introduction to College Writing
Professor Sophie Bradford
October 19, 2012
Spoiled, but not a Brat
The ideal spoiled child does not come to mind easily. I observed people around campus, but I think one of the perfect examples of a spoiled child is Angelica Pickles from the popular Nickelodeon show Rugrats. Angelica showed characteristics that made her stand out as an antagonist. She would refer to the other characters as “dumb babies.” Angelica would show how selfish she was by convincing the other characters to do plans that would only benefit her, which set her up most of the time as the antagonist in each episode. She would receive gifts to her heart’s desire and not be the least bit thankful. Her parents set out to please her in every way that they could, but it never seemed like it was enough. What makes a child in the real world like this? How have these bratty tendencies in childhood showed up later in life?

A better way to explain this is to look deeper into what characteristics a brat actually has. Some people would look at a person as a brat because they get expensive things from their parents. Getting nice things may not have been seen as out of the ordinary to some spoiled children. Davis shares how she saw life at a younger age:

Growing up, I was oblivious to money and the division of classes like many young kids. I never knew not every kid was presented with new clothes every day, or got to go to Toys-R-Us whenever they wanted or had to take educate classes once a week. I thought that was a normal everyday thing in the life of a kid. That was what kids my age did. (Davis 1) I think that receiving things and having a well off lifestyle does not mean that a person is spoiled. I think it is there sense of entitlement afterwards. Davis admitted that she was oblivious to other people and she thought that everyone lived the same way that she did. If a person feels like the reason that they receive these things is because...
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