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Company Name:
Harward International College
Company Description:
Harward International College strives to offer affordable and high quality education in a friendly environment. We believe in Power of Knowledge and Individual can get Supreme Power through his acquired knowledge. Simply in few words "Knowledge is Power Supreme". Address:

Level 9, 14 queens Rd, St.kilda, victoria 3004
Direct Contact:
Muhammed Asim Khan

Contact Title:
(+61 3 9866 7756

Project Title:
Online registration System
Project Description:
Brief description of tasks student will undertake in this project.
• This project has three user levels – Administrator, Faculty and Student.
Admin should be able to

• Taking backup of the database
• Editing/Deleting/Creating the database.
• Adding or expelling faculty.
• Changing the super password.

Faculty should be able to

• Logging into the system.
• Sending invitations to specific student by mail.
• Accepting registrations of candidates.
• Adding the candidate to classes.
• Create/Edit/Delete candidate classes.
• Creating a student profile.
• Allocating time for the classes

Student should be able to
• Requesting registration
• Logging into the system.
• Edit user information.
• Selecting the Course.
• Selecting whether the course to be taken in current academic year.

Project Stakeholders:

• CEO – the primary stakeholder of this project, who would like to use this system for all the major business activities.
• Faculty:

• Students

Project Skills:
Brief description of any specific skills required to undertake this project Technical Skills:
Designing, Programming, Database Management, Analytical, Requirements Elicitation, Testing.
Non-Technical Skills:
Communication, Team Management, Reseach, Quality Assurance, Client Liaison, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Ability to stick to deadlines, Document Management.

Description of Each Functional Requirement:

Following are the functional requirements of the Wash n Shop’s online booking system. Process of three different user access levels are described briefly.

1) Login and logout successfully

Basic login and logout for all the users who are using this proposed system.
2) Perform weekly roster of Employees

The administrator must be able to select and update the roster a week ahead based on the availability of each employees who further book their individual availability a week ahead.
3) Print reports annually, weekly, and daily

Providing administrator to print the weekly, annually and monthly reports for his organization based on the time frame selected.

4) Check feedbacks

The administrator will be able to check the feedback posted by the clients in the discussion forum.
5) Send newsletters

The administrator shall be able to send the newsletters regarding new promotions if any.
6) Manage user portfolio

The administrator will provide access to new users and shall be able to delete the employees no longer working for the organization.
7) Manage promotions providing unique discount codes

The admin should be able to provide unique code which can be redeemed when the type of wash listed is selected.

8) Remotely view the surveillance

The admin will be in a position to monitor his/her employees while not at work remotely.


1) Login and Logout Successfully

Basic login and logout for all the users who are using this proposed system. 2) Maintain daily logs

The employee’s shall be in the position to maintain the daily log of the total wash selected throughout the shift by entering the personal details, type of wash, payment amount, car registration number, and the booking time and date. Using these details the reports...
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